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Have you ever bought things at Home Depot before?

Are you a big fan of Home Depot?

With no doubt, Home Depot is considered as one of the best success stories due to their excellent customer service as well as the low price for every item. Moreover, they offer you the best coupons together with the specific discounts for your shopping time. And now, I am going to help you know more clearly about Home Depot and introduce the great services that you can have with them.

What Is Home Depot and Its Success Story?

There is a number of successful business stories all over the world such as Amazon, eBay, and Walmart. For each business model, they always find their own ways to attract their customers and keep their position in the current marketplace. For instance, Walmart has introduced their Saving Catcher to help the users get the lowest price from either their stores or the stores of their competitors.

So, we are going to identify another model of success from Arthur Blank and Bernie Marcus, who are the co-founders of the Home Depot. When Blank and Marcus started Home Depot, they wanted to make it to the Sears of the home improvement industry.

People laughed at them and told them that they could never do it. And more surprisingly, Home Depot is more than twice the size of Sears today. In the beginning, they took over two former treasure island stores in the suburban Atlanta and up their own shop.

They started their business with two rules including the great prices and great service. They stocked the shelves, slashed the prices, and personally hired all of the staff. The word of mouth started to spread because they focused on the great prices and great service.

People started to come to Home Depot and buy more. Home Depot wants their customers to feel safe and comfortable, so you do not have to always call a plumber or a contractor to help you out. Home Depot hires the great and friendly staff to help you figure out what you need to solve your problem.

Moreover, they hold the workshops as well as the clinics to teach you how you can do things yourself. This focus on the amazing services really helps Home Depot grow better and better.

The Secret of Home Depot’s Strategy and Their Drawbacks

Low prices on high quality

As one of the most popular company, Home Depot is able to maintain their level of success by offering the low prices for the good-quality products. Therefore, the rivals are struggling to match their prices. Moreover, Home Depot offers the exclusive brands that are sold only at Home Depot stores and not at their competitors’ stores. As a result, they can keep their customers coming back over and over again.

Great leadership

Furthermore, Home Depot is able to maintain their position in the current market because of their excellent leadership. Blank’s leadership since the recession has influenced the company together with the rest of the company. All of these factors are leading Home Depot to the highest stock prices of all time.

The internal drawbacks

Well, apart from the special successful tips, there are some internal drawbacks that are restricting Home Depot from expanding their business. First of all, the vulnerability of the U.S market causes their revenue numbers to fluctuate alongside the U.S economy.

Internationalizing and stepping outside of the U.S borders will increase their survival. But they have actually adapted the decentralized supply chain system where they get their supply straight from the manufacturer instead of having the distribution centers.

Is It Cheaper to Order Items on Home Depot?

Home Depot is using a strategy called the dynamic pricing to determine what price you will see for each item. And one component for this strategy is the zip code. Based on where you tell Home Depot you live, you will potentially get the different price for that item.


So, you can go to each item and change the zip code of your location. By doing this, you can determine what is the lowest price for your chosen item. This method is fine if you have one item that you are planning to purchase.

But what if you have 5 or 10 items in your order?

It is too time-consuming to look at each item to find the lowest price. What you should do is going to the shopping cart and getting the lowest price for the entire order. In particular, you can load the shopping cart page and look at your current total price. Next, you can check to the other zip codes to see if they have a lower total price.


Once you discover the lowest price out of these zip codes, you can go and buy these items. I have to say that this method is extremely effective and it only takes you about a minute to process.

What Are Coupons and Promo Codes on Home Depot?

Home Depot does not typically give you the online coupons. Instead, they will give you some links to the special pages on their website. Thus, you can take advantage of some online deals. Otherwise, if you go into a physical store, you will get an instant coupon that you can use when you check out. In case you shop online, you can get a money-back rebate.

How Can You Get the Coupons and Promo Codes? Do You Have to Pay the Extra Cost for them?

There are some possible ways that you can get the discount on Home Depot. The first one is the Discount Gift Cards site where you can save up to 8.5% on Home Depot gift cards. On these pages, you can pay less than the value of your gift cards. Or you can specify any amount and the sites will find the gift cards for you.

Going to the next one, you can go to Shop Dubli Rewards, which is a cash-back site. You can get about 7.5% cash back at Home Depot. By visiting these sites, you can actually maximize your savings with Home Depot.

Moreover, Home Depot offers the special military discount as well as the competitor coupon price matching. But you should keep in mind that there is a change in the coupon policy for people who are in the military.

They always offer the 10% off if you show your military ID up to $500. However, they change their policy that you will be given 10% off up to $50 per transaction. As a result, you should remember this change in order to have the great shopping experience.

Furthermore, they change the policy if you have a competitor coupon from Lowe’s or Hardware Freight. Even though their coupons are up to $1,000 or up to $500, Home Depot will now only allow you to get up to $50 off per $500 transaction.

With these policy update, you can see what is happening in the world of savings. Make sure that you can make full use of these discounts every time.

How to Use the Coupons and Promo Codes on Home Depot

Are you figuring out the ways to enter the discount codes or the promo codes on Home Depot?

This process is very simple and easy for all the users. To get the entire process, you should hurry to read how to use the discount codes and promo codes on Home Depot right now. In this article, I am going to show you many effective ways to get the discount, as well as how to apply them in the best way.

What If you Forget to Enter the Codes Before Making the Purchase?

If you are the beginner buyer at Home Depot, you may forget to enter the discount codes before making the purchase. However, do not worry about this since you can turn back and start the whole process again. It may be time-consuming but you can remember this mistake for a long time.

Which Items Should We Buy on Home Depot?

In particular, there are a variety of great things that you can from Home Depot. But especially, they are very strong at providing the home remodeling items along with the home improvement projects for the customers. Let’s check it out!

First of all, you need to have the bucket head, whose capacity is about 5 gallons. This is a great little thing if you need a tiny vacuum for your house. Moreover, you can buy the finishing nailers, and of course, you can get almost your complete set up there. On top of that, you can buy these items one week before Christmas or one day later since they are going to offer you the big sale for these products.

Furthermore, having the mobile workbench on Home Depot is not a bad idea. They are not very expensive but high quality. You can adjust the height of the top and make use of the hidden tray storage.

Moving to the next one, you should think about spindle sanders when it comes to Home Depot. According to may customers, this item is very awesome, and you can buy many high-standard spindle sanders on Home Depot. Some products include the dust port, so you can get the perfect angle, the different spindles, together with the other things.

Another incredible thing on Home Depot is the push lawn mowers. This item is very useful since in the spring, you get a lot of rain and when you are away for a week, the grass is about 3-feet high once you come back. At this time, this product will do an excellent job of tipping all of the grass.

Is Home Depot a Trustworthy Seller?

Definitely, Home Depot is one of the lowest-price shopping places nowadays. It takes a lead on many products such as the kitchen bug spray, spray paint, cordless combo kits, as well as the ceiling fans. When buying at Home Depot, you can save more than you expect.

Some people may say that the difference in price between Home Depot and the other brands are so close within pennies of each other. But if you buy many things at the same time, you can save a great amount of money overall.

I highly recommend that you should do your own research before spending any money. But in general, Home Depot is a trustworthy seller that you can put your trust in its products. I used to buy many items there, and I gradually become a big fan of this brand.

How to Get the Delivery from Home Depot

How to get the free shipping

Do you know how to process an order from the beginning to the end at Home Depot?

Are you interested in the drop shipping of Home Depot?

I have to admit that Home Depot has a very excellent customer service and their website is easy to have the tax-exempt. This is a great plus for Home Depot when competing with the other marketplaces currently.

Under the law, the drop shippers, as well as the resellers, do not have to pay sales tax to Home Depot. The only person who has to pay sales tax is the last person who is going to have the item. So, that is the customer.

However, when you buy things on Home Depot, they are going to assume that you are at the end consumer and they are going to charge you sales tax. But if you know how to become tax exempt, you can go to the website and tell them that you are a reseller, which makes you avoid the sales tax.

You are going to save a ton of money and then, you will charge the sales tax to your customers where it is appropriate. On top of that, the free shipping on Home Depot is very incredible. In particular, you can have the free shipping on the items that are over $45. But the unique thing about Home Depot is that you get a free shipping on every order that is over $45 instead of just the item.


More specifically, you can combine multiple items into one order and ship them to multiple addresses. So, let’s say you want to buy a cheap item like a hammer which costs about $10. If you only add this to your cart and make payment, you cannot get the free shipping by itself.

However, if you add this item to your cart and find another expensive item such as the jigsaw, you can combine these two into one order. On the page of your shopping cart, you can see the discount for shipping in your order summary.


When you actually check out, you are able to ship these two items to the different addresses. So, you can deliver the hammer to New York and the jigsaw to California. Also, you can get the tax-exempt at the same time. Sounds great!

How to ship to multiple addresses

After going through the first part, you can know that Home Depot is offering the multiple shipping for their customers. But some people may not know the detailed process. As a consequence, I am going to show you how to have multiple shipping addresses in one order at Home Depot, which can save your shipping cost as well as your processing time.

When putting the items into your cart, you should notice that there are two choices for you. The first one is to pick up in store today. And the second one is to get the delivery. Therefore, you should be careful to make the wrong choice.


After adding everything to your cart, you can view the cart to check all of the information. Then, remember to click on Checkout Now. On the secure checkout page, you can tap on Use Another Address, then choose Ship to Multiple Addresses. At this stage, you can specify a different shipping address for each item in your order.


And of course, this is a great feature for all the drop shippers since they always have multiple items that they want to ship to different customers. Hence, having fewer orders is a good thing since you cannot only reduce your shipping but also decrease the amount of time you spend on processing the orders.


In summary, I hope that all of my sharing in this article will gain your understanding about Home Depot. For anyone who does not know about Home Depot, you can get to understand another new incredible shopping places. You can get the great products at attractive prices. Home Depot is successful for many years since they know how to apply their strategies in the right way. Also, they provide the users with many outstanding vouchers and discount codes that can help them save more money. However, you need to identify the right way to apply them. Lastly, Home Depot is great at its delivery process as they offer the free shipping as well as the multiple address delivery at the same time. Thanks to these brilliant factors, Home Depot deserves to be one of the best shopping centers for us.

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