The Coupons and Promo Codes at Target


Do you go to Target to find something you need?

Or do you know what you need after visiting Target?

The second idea is true since you can find a number of amazing things there. And of course, Target is one of the popular stores that you hear most of the time as people can maximize their happiness there. Every time you get there, you cannot resist its attraction but to buy a number of different things without any notice. It is a wonderful place that can satisfy your needs. You can find a variety of necessary and outstanding items such as the groceries, the clothing, the home decoration items, or the housing products. Moreover, you may become immersed in the world of shopping once coming to Target and end up spending more than you expect. On top of that, Target is going to offer you a variety of discount codes along with the promo codes, which are very easy to apply every time you begin your shopping time. Let’s have a tour now!

What Should You Know When Shopping at Target?

The unofficial price markdown schedule

Many people may not know the price markdown schedule at Target. The reason is that this is not officially informed to all of the customers, but if you pay more attention, you can notice this piece of information.

By shopping the clearance, you can save about 30, 50, as well as 70 percent for your overall budget and get more stuff. These clearance items are still made with high quality but their price is reduced significantly. And do you know how to realize these items?

It is very easy because they will be marked with the red sticker. Moreover, you can see not only the reduced price at the bottom of the sticker but also the original price. By this way, you can know how much you can save on this item.

Furthermore, you can always find these clearance items at the end of the aisles, but you need to remember the markdown schedule for each item. Identifying this schedule is going to help you look for your favorite items on the right day.

For instance, you are going to find the clearance markdown electronics, girls, boys, and infants on Monday. For the next day, you need to buy the clearance items for domestics, pets, women’s clothing, together with food items.

Going to Wednesday, you can save your money on men’s clothing, foods, stationery, health, and laundry. Next, Thursday is the time for sleepwear, athletic, pet, paper, shoes, housewares, kitchen stuff, toys, and luggage.

Last but not least, you can seek for the automotive items, hardware, scarves, cosmetics, jewelry, and all of the beauty items on Friday. However, you should know that the discount is varied between Target stores. On top of that, you can also get the clearance items on the holidays. Target tends to provide the extreme discount on these days, so you can have up to 90 percent discount.

As a result, make sure to grab your chance on Valentine Day, Easter Day, Summer Day, Back to School Day, Halloween, as well as Christmas Day. By remembering these days and coming to Target, you can get the cheapest stuff for yourself.

The price cuts

Do you know that Target has two different kinds of price cuts?

The first one is the permanent price cut, which means that they are dropping the price permanently. The second one is just a temporary price cut that is usually between seven days to fourteen days.

Redesign the certain sections

Target recognizes that the shoppers are struggling with finding what they want to buy. To remedy this, Target starts doing things like bringing new mannequins to the apparel section and redesigning the displays in its homework section.

What Are Coupons and Promo Codes on Target?

When it comes to Target, you are going to have a diversity of coupons, and promo codes which will save you much money. Especially, you can have the mobile coupons that you can get from your smartphones after downloading the Target app.

By having this app on your phone, you can get more than 10 coupons every week to enjoy your shopping. For more information, you can read how to use the coupons, the discount codes, as well as the promo codes at Target easily.

How Can You Get the Coupons, Discount Codes and Promo Codes? Do You Have to Pay the Extra Cost for them?

The Cartwheel App

Target has an amazing app called Cartwheel and you need to download it immediately. They are going to offer you the significant savings as I mentioned above such as 10 percent off. For instance, if you want to check the savings during your shopping time, you can only scan the barcode on the product by using the app.


Hence, why don’t you download this app instantly since you can get a ton of coupons on your phone and save extra money on specific products? Let’s do it!

The manufacturing coupons and the store coupons

Moreover, you can print Target coupons which can be stacked with the manufacturing coupons on the same item. By doing this, you can save twice on each item. Sound interesting!

Gift card promotion

Now, we are going to discuss one of the most favorite promotions at Target. They run the gift cards promotions where you can receive the free gift cards after you purchase something. You can use them on anything at Target stores, especially your favorite items.

The texting codes and your own bag

If you look around the Target stores, you will see some texting codes or the newspapers to get the coupons and gift cards. As a consequence, you can save a lot of money that way. Besides, I highly recommend that you should bring your own bag and you can save the extra 5 cents.

The Target’s Red Card

Some people may be confused about this red card since they are not familiar with using it. And for those people who do not know, this red card is a Target’s credit or debit card system. It is actually cheaper for Target to process a red card than a credit or a debit card because you have already given Target your information. For a normal credit card, it is more expensive for a business to process the deal. It is more of a percentage than the debit card.


The debit red card comes straight out of your bank account. All you need to to do is to only link it up and it will come straight out of your bank account. So, you are not charging it and it takes a couple of days to see the money taken out.


And more importantly, you will get 5 percent off everything in the stores excluding the gift cards and the prescription. Also, you can have an extra 30 days to return things when using the Target red cards.

For the debit card, the customers are going to need a blank check, their ID, as well as their social security number. On the other hand, using the credit card only requires their ID and their social security number.

Moreover, you need to know some drawbacks when using this red card. In case you choose the credit card, you need to wait for the statement and begin to pay at the end of the month. And if you are bad at keeping the cards, you should not decide to have them since you tend to lose them regularly.

Does Target Have the Price Match?

The answer is yes, Target will be able to match the price like any other websites. As a result, you can find something that is super cheap on Amazon, and if the price of Target is higher, you only need to take a screenshot, you will be able to save your money.

Which Items Should We Buy on Target?

Let’s have a tour around the Target stores. You will get the men’s clothing, women’s clothing, as well as the sporting goods. In particular, Target marks the different sections of the stores on the different days of the week.

As a consequence, Target is the favorite place for many people and there are some items that people will be crazy to get all the time.

The Target dollar spot or the Bullseye Playground

The first one is the Bullseye Playground where they have items ranging from $1 to $5. But most of the things only cost about $1, $2, or $3. This is a little section that you are able to notice when you first walk in. And of course, they have some of the best home decoration items and the little good items. You can look for a variety of items for kids and even some gym-related items sometimes.

The home decoration items

The second option when it comes to Target is the home decoration items. Target really knows the home decoration style since it knows what is trending and what is hot these days. As a result, Target tends to change its home decoration items pretty often to become suitable for the latest home decoration world.

In particular, they have a bunch of Ottomans table, pillows in many colors and I have to say that they look very trendy. And I realize that the home decoration items at Target are not exactly inexpensive but they are not expensive either.

Therefore, many people would rather go to Target as a one-stop shop instead of going to different places and trying to have the furnace items. As a result, Target just nails it on the head when it comes to home decorating.

The planners

The third item that you may like to shop at Target are the planners. Target comes up with the cutest and the most adorable planners. They have the great design with the agenda books, the daily planners, the weekly planners, together with the monthly planners.

They even have all kinds of colors and designs, which range from $5 up to $13. This is a really good price for anybody to go there and afford a great planner for yourself.

The clothes and the shoes

Moving to the fourth item, the clothes from Target actually comes up with really fashionable style and they have very great quality. Moreover, they are displaying the amazing style for each season. Thus, when the summer comes out or the spring comes up, you can have the most suitable dresses for these occasions.

Furthermore, they are quite affordable, organized, coordinated, and easy to find your size. At Target, you can also find the shoes at an affordable price that are good quality. And amazingly, Target has a great variety of flats, sneakers, heels, and sandals that you can find at any time of the year.

They usually have really stylish designs that really impress every customer. Sometimes, they will have an amazing deal where you can get 20 percent off additionally from the items that are already on clearance. By using your Cartwheel app, you can buy the clearance clothing, shoes, and accessories at great deals.

So, you need to get the chance to buy the affordable shoes at Target instead of buying the expensive pair at any shopping mall. You will become a big fan of Target shoes for a long time after your initial purchase.

The paper products

Next, you need to remember the paper products when talking about Target. The things like paper towels, napkins, toilet paper, together with Kleenex always have the coupons available, which can save you a lot of money buying the paper products.

The school supplies

Some people are becoming absorbed into buying the school supplies at Target. They are looking for the classroom things that can be used for teaching and study. They have a variety of cool things for school that is only at the affordable price. Hence, these items are suitable for most of the customers.

The dairy products

The dairy and groceries products at Target is really incredible. There are a number of balanced organic brands for milk as well as the store brands for butter. In addition, the quality of the store brands at Target is pretty good according to the comments of many customers.

How to Get the Free Shipping from Target

You may not realize it but the world of shopping is very competitive among the brands. And that is why Target is trying to muscle its way into the online shopping conversation by offering the free shipping on all the U.S orders.

The free shipping of Target will last from the November to the Christmas day sending online orders to the U.S residents for free with no minimum purchase. This movement puts Target ahead of some of its biggest competitors regarding the shipping discounts.

Walmart will be sticking to its $50 minimum required for free shipping. And Amazon still only offers free shipping to its Prime members. As a consequence, Target tends to provide their customers with more benefits in terms of holiday shipping. So, you should not miss this chance and try to grab it as soon as possible!


In conclusion, I hope that all of my sharing in this article will give you more understanding about the coupons, the discount codes, as well as the promo codes at Target. Right now, you will definitely know how to get the coupons and also how to use them effectively. By knowing these tips, you can save more money for any of your purchases. Moreover, you are going to identify the tricks and tips that can be used for shopping at Target apart from the coupons. Learning these methods can really help you make full use of your benefits. Furthermore, make sure that you will use the price matching at Target to identify the best price among the other brands. Besides, if you want to avoid the crowded situation on Christmas day, you can choose the free shipping program of Target to get all of the excellent services during the holidays. Last but not least, you should try to buy the outstanding products at Target such as the Dolar Spot, the home decoration items, as well as the clothing. They are considered as the perfect items at Target that you should keep in mind. In case you want to have more questions about this topic, please do not hesitate to keep in touch with me anytime.

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