Should We Buy the Products on Walmart?


With no doubt, Walmart is still one of the best places to buy your favorite items although there is huge competition among many other brands such as Amazon, eBay, and Homedepot. For instance, eBay motivates their customers with many attractive vouchers and coupons. However, Walmart has their own place by making use of their convenient online app as well as their prominent saving benefits. All of these brilliant features make people more and more immersed in shopping at Walmart.

Why Should We Buy the Products on Walmart?

Save more money with Walmart Saving Catcher

When it comes to Walmart, you are able to save your money by applying the easy and simple tip. All you need to have is your phone as well as your Walmart receipt. In particular, you need to download the Walmart app on your smartphone.

One of the most outstanding features of this app is called Savings Catcher. Firstly, you need to open the Walmart app, and you can easily find the symbol of Saving Catcher there. Then, you can click on Add a Walmart receipt and scan the QR code on your receipt.

If you do not see the QR code, you can scan the barcode instead. After completing this step, the app will compare the prices of many competitors with the prices of the eligible items on your Walmart receipt.


After that, the app will notify you of the result within 3 days. There may be no lower prices found, but if they found the lower prices than Walmart, you can get the refund. The refund is the difference between the Walmart price on your receipt and the lower price of the competitors.

On top of that, you can use your reward dollars to make the purchases online as well as in the store. As a result, you can go to and buy anything using this balance against anything. On the other hand, you can transfer this balance to the e-Gift cards. These cards are free and never expire.

Moreover, Walmart will send your e-Gift card to any email address you have set up with them. However, make sure to select the gift card as the form of payment. In case you are having a cashier do it for you, you will have to tell them to select the gift card. And then, you can scroll down in your email to find the barcode, show it on your phone and present it at your checkout.

Save your time with Scan and Go

When going to Walmart, you do not need to waste your time waiting for the calculation at the checkout. Thanks to the Scan and Go, you can save more of your time during your shopping. All you need to do is to grab some bags at the front of the store and go shopping.

When you see your favorite items, you need to take out your phone and scan the item. Next, you can put them into the bag and go find another item. As you scan, you can see your total so that when you get to the checkout, you have already known how much you have to pay.

As a consequence, you will not get stuck in the queue. Instead, you can do the checkout yourself. Without much time, you can pay for the items and walk out of the store.

Let’s check it out!

Make the groceries order online

Have you ever heard about ordering the groceries online via

Walmart has offered an incredible service where you can order your groceries online and then go pick them up at the store. You do not need to get out of your car. After signing in the Walmart website, you can know the closest Walmart that is next to you that provides this service.

Going to the ordering part, Walmart has everything separated in a number of departments. Apart from the groceries, you can choose the other items such as toys, electronics, office supplies, pet products, home, and furniture.

Some people may be asking if this service is free. The answer is that it is absolutely free. However, once you finish the payment information, I highly recommend that you should have a look at all of your products. By doing this, you can make sure that is exactly what you want to get. Now, you only need to submit by ticking on Place your order.

When it is time to pick up your items, you can have all your kids in your car without having to worry about anything. That is why Walmart still puts a very great impression on many customers.

Guarantee the product safety

When a customer shops in Walmart, they always expect the great price, fast, clean, and friendly service. But they also expect the products that they buy in Walmart to be safe. As a result, Walmart always wants to prove their product’s safety.

And the cooperation between Walmart and IBM has existed. Walmart makes use of the blockchain which is a digital ledger allowing different segments of the food system to capture the information about the product. By this way, Walmart can ensure that they are having the affordable and sustainable food system.

Thanks to the blockchain, Walmart cannot only keep track of where the food came from but also how it was produced. Is it produced responsively? And of course, Walmart wants to do their best at creating a safer and better system for their customers.


Are you feeling secure when shopping at Walmart?

Are you happy with the outstanding services that Walmart is offering?

There is no need for hesitation. Walmart is excellent at providing their customers with the incredible services including the Saving Catcher, Scan and Go, online order, together with product safety. All of these factors are turning Walmart into the perfect place when it comes to shopping.

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