How to Open a New Homedepot Account and Make Purchases

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Homedepot is an enormous supermarket online featuring more than 130.000 products. If you are resided in Canada and looking for a reliable site to get beautiful, high-quality furniture, the website is an ideal place to turn to. Check out the guide below to see how to sign up for a new Homedepot account and start shopping in the sea of choices.

Homedepot doesn’t require you to have an account to shop, but having ones will give you more incentives. Your information is safe with the foundation, given that it has incredible customer protection services. Millions of people have trusted Homedepot and been happy making purchasing, so you don’t have to worry about info leaking risks.

How to create a new Homedepot account

The foundation offers users such a bright, simple, and easy-to-handle registration form. Go to the home page, find the My Account button at the up-right corner, click on it. The system will ask whether you want to open a new account or sign in. Choose the orange “Create my Account” button and you will be delivered to the signing up window.

On the new page, you are required to enter your name, your Canadian postal code. Homedepot only ships products within Canada. Then, go on to provide your email address and password, and confirm these. Hit the “Create Account” button. But prior to finishing, don’t forget to read the privacy policy of Homedepot to know your rights.

Start shopping on Homedepot – All you need to know

Using the search bar

You can locate the search bar easily by looking at the top of the homepage. When you type the search term into the said bar, the system will come up with several highlighted options matching your keyword. Click on one of them if it catches your eyes. Or else, press Enter to have a larger variety of choices.


Just look at the picture above, I want to buy a park bench to put in my garden, so I type “park bench” as the search term. There are 84 options available related to the keyword. If you are patient, or just want to spend time window shopping, you can filter the choices to find the most suitable ones. The filtering options are located to the left side of the page, in the gray box. You can adjust the price range, the rating, and the delivering methods available for the choices.

Shopping by Departments


Since Homedepot focuses on furniture and home appliances, the category list is simpler and yet, more specified than other sites’. For example, shopping by departments on Amazon and eBay will be more complicated, given that they are huge all-department-supermarkets.

There are two ways to reach the departments. You may choose the symbol of three horizon lines on the up-left corner, or you can select one from the bright, amazing lists just like the one in the above picture.

Shopping by departments gives you larger, but less related variety of choices.

Buying the products


Once you have found a product suitable to your preference, click on it and you will be moved to a new window similar to one in the picture below. It offers you the pictures of the item, the cost, shipping choices, and specification. If you scroll down, you will see reviews left by previous customers who care enough to recommend or advise others against buying the item. You should make a comment like those, too, once you have received the order. Other buyers will be thankful for the gesture.

In my case, since I choose the park bench, there are two delivery options for me: the product will be whether shipped to my home address or picked up at a Homedepot store by myself. Both choices cost me no money, but in cases of other products, you can’t expect the incentive from some.

As long as you are satisfied with the information about the item, hit “Add to Cart”. You can choose to check out right away or continue shopping for some others.

If you are not sure about the decision, the Homedepot system offers you several choices, which are also related to your preference, under the product’s pictures.

Proceed to checkout

You can whether check out with PayPal (if you have a PayPal account) or do it originally. If you haven’t signed in, it’s time to do the task. Having a Homedepot account makes checkout faster. If you don’t want to be attached to a shopping site like this, you can choose to pay and receive the order as a guest.

Fill in all the information as you are required, then place the order. We are done here. Let’s get a cup of coffee, chill with Netflix and wait for the products to be shipped to your door. Or you can go to the nearest store to pick up the order and enjoy the happiness of shopping right away.

Order delivery and payment

If all the items in your order are available in the storage, they will be shipped to your given address in 1 to 3 days. If they are not, you will have to wait for a longer period. However, Homedepot only delivers orders within Canada. So, if you want to give your foreign friend a gift, you have to send it yourself after receiving.

Homedepot accepts payment by credit cards, including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Home Depot Consumer, Commercial and Commercial Revolving. You can apply for a Homedepot credit card online easily.

If any trouble happens with your order and you can’t find out how to deal with it from online tutorials, contact the Customer Service Centre of Homedepot to be served.

Final thought

It’s pretty easy to open a new Homedepot account and shop on the foundation. After reading the guide, I hope you have got how to do the tasks. Feel free to leave any questions if you have. We are more than happy to help.

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