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For many years, Nike is famous for being one of the largest companies for sporting goods and items all over the world. You can count a few brands that can compete with Nike such as Adidas, New Balance, along with Puma. However, Nike can keep its position in the current market without losing its sales. As a result, I am going to introduce you the history of Nike so that you can understand why they can have the success until now. Moreover, you can have a look at the coupons and the promo codes that are available at Nike currently. Furthermore, you are able to identify how to use the Nike app easily and its purpose. Besides, you can learn the other things when buying Nike online including the order status check, the foot length measurement, the shipping options, as well as the gift card purchase. Lastly, do not forget to discover the benefits when becoming a member of Nike Plus. All of these sharings will be worth reading for sure.

All About Nike

The history of Nike

You will not get far on any given day in most cities in the world without seeing Nike’s famous swoosh. More than just the sporting brand, the footwear, and clothes of this company have become the fashion statements.

These days, Nike is one of the biggest on a global scale and it has an incredible success story. The company was founded on January 25, 1964, when the businessman Phil Knight and Bill Bowerman got together to build the perfect and affordable athletics shoes.

Prior to its independence, Nike then called Blue Ribbon Sports, operated under the Japanese sporting goods form, Tiger, which is now known as ASICS. In 1966, Blue Ribbon Sports opened its first store, and in 1971, it changed its name to Nike.

The Nike logo

And also, Nike created the swoosh that most everyone knows of today. This logo is widely regarded as one of the greatest and the most popular symbols in the history. The Nike logo has traditionally used the red and white color palette.

The red color exemplifies passion, energy, and joy, whereas the white color stands for the nobility, charm, and purity of Nike brand. Until 1995, the Nike logo featured the company’s name using Futura bold typeface in uppercase characters.

The popular Nike sneakers

In the late 80s and 90s, Nike began its global dominance, and its products are now available in virtually every country in the world. In undeveloped nations, if you do not see a Nike store, you will still find people wearing the products on the street.

Do you know the Nike’s Tanjung sneaker?

This pair of sneakers is going to take the number one spot. Moreover, the various Nike Air shoes have been a big seller for a long time, although we do not know the exact number of pairs sold throughout all iterations.

How to Find the Deals and Coupons at Nike

For those people who may not know, there are many crazy ways that you can save money and find the deals at Nike. Here comes the first thing. Every Nike store has something called the hash wall. It is basically a place where the customers bring in their returns.

As a result, you need to look behind the register, there will be some boxes that are stacked. And of course, you can always ask the receptionist or the cashier if there is anything that was returned today in your size.

Secondly, Nike has the program that allows the customers to order anything that is online with three-day shipping. So, you can get the free 3-day shipping, which is very great. But you need to spend at least $75 to get the free shipping.

Furthermore, there is a thing that not many people realize. At every single time, you will get a receipt back from the Nike store. There is an opportunity to fill out the survey, which takes you about 5 to 10 seconds to complete.

At the bottom of the receipt, you can enter in your survey code and you get a free $5 gift code. If you are a student, you can always have the 10 percent discount at Nike. But you need to verify your student status before making any purchase.

Another discount is for the military men and women. You can also receive the 10 percent discount whenever buying online or in-store. On top of that, the spouse together with the dependents of the military personnel can get this discount as well. Sounds interesting!

All of these deals are very excellent and great, but not many people notice them. You are ignoring your benefits and your savings. As a consequence, do not hesitate to grab your chance whenever you can. This way can save you a lot of money without your notice.

However, if you want to get more coupons and vouchers at Nike, please click here and learn how to use these codes in the best way.

Does Nike Have Any App?

The answer is yes. Nike has their own app called SNKRS that can be downloaded on your mobile phone. For those people who do not know about this app, it is basically a new mobile app from Nike that allows you to buy the exclusive sneakers or early release.

It also has the future information on the sneakers as well as the other sneakers-related information. The best part about this app is that it links to your Nike account which means your login, your credit card, your shoe size and your shipping information.

As a consequence, there is no need to pay for the Add to Cart or anything like that anymore because it automatically displays your shoe size. And there is a New Feed on this app which presents the sneakers that are popular or are newly published recently.

Moreover, if you want to see any specific sneakers on a regular basis, you can click on Notify Me and it will push the notification to let you know this product is available. Furthermore, you can actually purchase the items right from the app by clicking Buy.

Then, you need to enter your Password. After that, you can click on Purchase and this pair will be delivered to your house. Another option of this app is the Discover. In this tab, you can scroll down and see the past releases as well as the unique models at this time.

But how can you get an access code after downloading this app?

There are two different ways to get this code. The first way is to click here and go to the registered area. After you click on this link, it will take you to the wait list and then register to get an access code sent to you. Remember that it will take your time and you only have to wait for Nike.


If you think the first way is time wasting, I am going to show the second way. In particular, you can follow Nike store on Twitter and you will get an instant message from them. Or you can receive a direct message from them to get the access code.

How to Pick the Right Size for Nike Shoes

Getting a new pair of Nike shoes in the wrong size is what annoys you. It is one of the most common mistakes that you can make in terms of getting the most out of your new pair of Nike shoes. But no more, since I am going to teach you how to get the right and proper size when you buy a new pair of Nike shoes.

The first thing you need to look at in order to get the right size in your Nike shoes is the length. For instance, the football shoes are made to give you the tight and snug fit. These days, the Nike football shoes will follow the shape of your foot closely in order to get the best performance.

Plus, if your shoes are too big or have a two-room meter box, your foot might slide around inside of it, which will not only lower the responsiveness but also the comfort. Therefore, you do not need to have a thumb room inside the toe box.

Of course, it should not be so tight since it will hurt. But you still want that extremely tight and snug fit. So in order to find your right length, you need to measure your foot and obviously find out how long it is. After that, you can search for the size guide on Nike website and compare with your foot length. By doing this, you can choose the correct size for yourself.

Can You Buy the Gift Card from Nike?

When shopping the gift cards on Nike website, you will become immersed in the attractive design as well as the various options there. In particular, you can select your favorite gift card go to the checkout.


These gift card can be sent to your friends or your family members via mail or email depending on your choice. And amazingly, every Nike gift card will be put into the mini Nike shoebox for the shipping. On the other hand, you can choose the digital one, which will be sent within 24 hours of your purchase.

After clicking on your favorite gift card, you need to fill in the information of the receiver as below:

  • Their first name
  • Their last name
  • Their address (you should remember that Nike will not deliver to the P.O Box)
  • Their city, state, and zip code
  • A personalized message within 250 characters
  • The card amount


Then, you need to choose the shipping method including ground service, FedEx 2 days or FedEx 3 days. In case you do not want to have the shipping charge, you can choose the ground service which will arrive within 4 to 9 days.

With the FedEx 3 days, you will be charged $5 for every order. The last one is FedEx 2 days, which will cost you a total of $10 per order. Next, do not forget to select the quantity of gift card that you want. After everything is done, you can click Add to Cart and start your payment.

What If You Are Dissatisfied with the Shipping Items?

If this is your case, you can return your items to Nike within 30 days regardless of your reason. First of all, you need to put your Nike items into the shipping box. Then, you need to print the return label and stick it on the outside of the box. After that, you can drop the box at the UPS locations. However, the items should be either unwashed or unworn before returning to Nike.

What can you do if you do not have the return label?

Some orders may not have the return label, but you do not have to worry. There are two options for you in this case. The first method is to download a return label from Nike website or you can send an email to Nike to give you the new label. The second option is to return the items to the closest Nike stores around you.

When can I get the refund?

When Nike receive your returned items, they will process your matter as soon as possible. After they complete, they will send the refund to your original payment method in two working days. Normally, they are very fast and accurate when processing these returns.

What if I want to exchange my order?

Apart from receiving the refund, you can also change the new item if you want. You only need to bring your items to any Nike stores and exchange the colors or the size.

How to Check the Order Status

Many people are confused about how to check their order status when buying online. Some people wait for a long time and the delivery does not arrive. And of course, checking your order status is very easy and simple.

At first, you need to click on Order Status at the bottom of the homepage. Then, you need to remember your order number as well as enter your email address. Next, click on submit and see your information.


How to Become a Nike Plus Membership

If you are a big fan of Nike and you frequently buy Nike items, I highly recommend that you should register to become a member of Nike Plus Membership right now. When being an official member, you can get a number of exceptional benefits that will maximize your satisfaction.

  • Receive the free shipping for every order without the minimum purchase
  • Get the 30 days of product trial and return them without the need of the receipt
  • Be able to shop at Nike before opening to the public
  • Use the priority checkout when the stores are too crowded
  • Get the items delivered to your place if you are in a hurry. But this service is only applied for the purchase over $150.
  • Have the guided runs with the professional Nike coaches
  • Get the customized work-out plan
  • Receive the invitations to the special events of Nike

These things are the benefits that a member of Nike Plus can get. All of them are so appealing and outstanding. No one can resist the attraction of these factors, so hurry to grab your chance and become a member immediately.


That is all for today!

We are going through many aspects of this topic. In particular, you will know the history of Nike as well as how this brand can achieve their success nowadays. Moreover, you will get to know all of the possible promo codes and coupons that can be applied for your in-store and online purchase. Furthermore, knowing the ways to use the Nike app is very interesting for many people. In case you do not know how to measure your shoe size, this is the right place for you. And also, this article is very suitable for anyone who is finding how to register to become a member of Nike Plus. In addition, you can clarify your queries related to the shipping, the return policy, as well as the gift card purchase. Every of your confusion will be solved in this article perfectly. However, in case you want to discuss any topic, please feel free to keep in touch with me anytime.

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