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Thrifty shoppers love Kohl’s since the prices are good, the sales are frequent, and the coupons are plentiful. But prices can even better if you learn the secrets to shopping at Kohl’s. You can make full use of the coupons as well as the discount codes every time you make a purchase at Kohl’s. Moreover, you can combine more and more coupons to maximize your savings. Furthermore, we are going to learn some incredible tips when shopping at Kohl’s. By this way, you can get the most benefits for yourself. Besides, do not ignore the interesting part that introduces you the Kohl’s Charge Card, the Kohl’s Cash, the Kohl’s Pay, as well as the Kohl’s Yes 2 You Reward Program. You can definitely take advantage of these programs and enjoy your shopping. Last but not least, you are going to identify the return policy of Kohl’s which will make your purchase as perfect as possible. Let’s check it out!

The Coupons and Discount Codes at Kohl’s

Kohl’s loves to offer their shoppers with great savings, but you need to know the several ways you can save money at Kohl’s. You can sign up for sales alert from Kohl’s to be the first to know about the special deals and promotions.

How to sign up on Kohl’s website

For those people who do not know how to sign up on Kohl’s website, let me tell you now.

Step 1: Open the page and click on Account at the top of the page.

Via: https://www.kohls.com

Step 2: Choose Sign In if you have already had an account or select Create Account for the new one.

Via: https://www.kohls.com

Step 3: Fill in the information such as your first name, your last name, your email address, as well as your password. Remember that your password should be different from your email and your login.

Via: https://www.kohls.com/myaccount/kohls_login.jsp?action=createAccount

Step 4: There is an option to enroll the Yes 2 You Reward Program, so you can tick on it if you want.

Step 5: Click on Create Account and it is done.

On the other hand, you can also click on Sign Up for Sales Alert at the bottom of the homepage. Then, enter your email address and choose Add to List. You can receive the alert email of Kohl’s from now on.

Via: https://www.kohls.com/homepage/sale_alert_signup.jsp

Going back to the vouchers and the coupons, Kohl’s will reward you with the 15 percent off your next purchase when you sign up for email. They also offer 15 percent off when you sign up for mobile sales alert. But if you do not want to sign up for email, just check out the Today’s Deal tab on the Kohl’s website before you shop.

It will keep you in the loop on all the savings currently being offered. You can also check the coupon codes section at many other pages. But Kohl’s frequently changes and they usually offer the multiple coupon codes. Dollar off coupons can be combined with one percent off coupon. Dollar off coupons will be deducted first. And Kohl’s offers the free standard shipping every day on order of $75 and more.

Here is the secret saving tip for you. The shoppers 60 and older will receive an automatic 15 percent discount every Wednesday. Just be prepared to show your ID at the checkout. Thus, with no doubt, you can get up to 60 percent off every single time you shop at Kohl’s.

If you want to figure out more coupons and vouchers for your Kohl’s shopping, please click here and go to the detailed discussion.

Some Amazing Tips for Shopping at Kohl’s

Know when to shop

First and foremost, you need to know when is your best time to shop. For instance, if you are 60 or older, you will get  15 percent discount on Wednesday as I mentioned above. Kohl’s also runs the occasional night out sales on Fridays and early bird sales on Saturdays.

On top of that, the best time to shop is 3 p.m on Friday and 1 p.m on Saturday. About every other weekend, Kohl’s has the power hours when you can get the lowest price. You can check the weekly sales on Kohl’s website on a regular basis to get alert of the latest discount events.

Read the signs

The second tip is to read the signs. The electronic price tags on store shelves have the code in the upper corner. S stands for the standard sale, BGH means buy one get one half off, and BB indicates a deeply discounted bonus buy item.

Pile on the coupons

The last one is to pile on the coupon. Kohl’s always allows their shoppers to use multiple coupons from many purchases. As a consequence, do not forget to combine the dollar amount coupons with the percentage off coupons to save really big for yourself. You can even use the coupons on the clearance items.

Choose the free store pickup and free shipping

If you want to save on the shipping cost, you can choose to pick up your online purchase on your way home. By doing this, you do not have to waste any money on the delivery. And of course, Kohl’s will help to pick up all of your orders before you come. However, you can still get the free shipping with any orders from $75 and over.

How About Kohl’s Charge Card?

The benefits of Kohl’s Charge Card

Now, we are going to talk about the Kohl’s Charge Card. It is the store only credit card that you cannot use it at places that accept Visa and Mastercard. Therefore, you can only use it at Kohl’s. The good thing about Kohl’s is that they have the sales all the time, so you do not have to pay at full price at Kohl’s.

When you have the charge card, Kohl’s usually sends you the coupon via email every two weeks. And you can get about 15, 20, or 30 percent off your entire purchase when you use your Kohl’s credit card. You have to use your credit card on this purchase to get this discount. And you can also use it online since Kohl’s will provide you with the online code.

In particular, just for the signing up, you will get 30 percent off your first purchase and you will get a $10 gift when you sign up for the paperless statement. Plus, you are going to receive a lot of special offers throughout the year.

Via: https://apply.kohls.com

You can combine your Kohl’s charge discounts with your Kohl’s cash and your Yes 2 You reward to save even more on every trip. If you spend $600 with your Kohl’s charge by the end of the year, you will become a most valued customer where you will get even more special perks all over the year. For example, you can have the free shipping events every month.

This is what Kohl’s does to encourage people to use their credit card more. For every dollar spent, you can get one reward point. Moreover, you can receive the $5 reward for every hundred points. Besides, you can get a monthly mailer with a secret discount, typically, 20, 30, or 15 percent off.

Hence, they are your benefits.

But you need to notice that the interest rate is about 24.49 percent. Furthermore, there is a pretty strong penalty fee of $37 when you make the late payment. And your hike rate may go up to 27.49 percent. Therefore, make sure to remember that your grace period is 25 days.

How to manage your Kohl’s Charge Card

Managing your Kohl’s credit card is very easy. You can pay the bill online, in-store, or you can set up the automatic payments through the Kohl’s app.

Some Interesting Facts About Kohl’s Pay?

Are you ready to set up Kohl’s Pay?

Make sure that you have these three important things first. The first one is to have an active Kohl’s charge card. Next, you need to have a Kohl’s.com shopping account with your Kohl’s charged as a payment method. Lastly, you should have the latest version of the Kohl’s app.

Now, all you have to do is opening up your Kohl’s app and tap Kohl’s Pay. Select your Kohl’s charge card to link it to your Kohl’s Pay. After that, choose a phone number or email to receive a one-time verification code.

Then, you can have all your offers, rewards, Kohl’s cash, and Kohl’s charge in one place. At the checkout, let the cashier know that you are going to use Kohl’s Pay and scan the QR code that pops up on the customer display.

All of your offers, rewards, and Kohl’s cash will show up in your mobile wallet. After seeing your total, you can select Approve and you will get a confirmation that your transaction has been completed.

How to Earn and Redeem Your Kohl’s Cash

Via: https://www.kohls.com/feature/kohls-cash.jsp

How to earn your Kohl’s Cash

Kohl’s Cash is a very common promotion that is offered at Kohl’s department stores. However, you need to identify how to earn it on your next purchase. During the Kohl’s Cash promotion, you will receive $10 in Kohl’s cash for every $50 you spent there.

There are the specific dates that you can redeem your Kohl’s cash. It will be noted on your certificate. You can earn the Kohl’s cash in-store, and with online orders. The regular sales and the clearance purchases count towards your rewards.

Kohl’s cash rewards are based on the amount spent after discounts and before taxes. As a result, if you are making a purchase within $2 as the amount, you can spend $48 and still get a $10 Kohl’s cash reward.

The rewards earned online will be sent to you via email. Kohl’s cash is not always available but very often it is. For example, in some months, you can earn Kohl’s cash 24 out of 31 days. You can stay informed on Kohl’s cash promotions by visiting their website or signing up for their mailing list.

How to redeem your Kohl’s Cash

When it comes to how to redeem your Kohl’s cash, all you need to know is when to shop. With most Kohl’s cash, you need to redeem within one to two weeks from the date you earn it. Redemption periods do vary in length. It can be a holiday weekend or two weeks or another length of time.

Your Kohl’s cash will have the redemption period printed on the reward, so make sure to look for the dates on the physical Kohl’s cash that you received. On the other hand, if you shop online, you will find those dates in your email. As a result, when you go to checkout, look for the order summary on the right-hand side of your screen, there will be a place to enter your Kohl’s cash and promo codes.

You only need to click Apply and enter the code on your Kohl’s cash certificate. And if you store your Kohl’s cash in the app, you will find the dates in there. Moreover, Kohl’s allows you to use one percent off coupon in addition to your dollars off coupon. That means you can use your Kohl’s cash in addition to Kohl’s coupon code or in-store coupon.

Especially, there are no brand exclusions with Kohl’s cash. If Kohl’s sells it in-store and online, you can redeem your Kohl’s cash for it. So, one last tip is when you get your Kohl’s cash, Yes 2 You reward, and Kohl’s charge, you will get all kinds of coupons and things that you can combine and stack to save even more on your next trip.

How about the expired Kohl’s Cash?

Unfortunately, you cannot use the expired Kohl’s cash, but in the Kohl’s app, you can set a notification so that you never miss out spending on your Kohl’s cash again.

How to Shop with the Yes 2 You Rewards

Via: https://www.kohls.com/feature/rewards.jsp?searchTerm=yes%202%20you&submit-search=web-regular

What is Yes 2 You Rewards?

Have you ever heard about Yes 2 You rewards before?

Kohl’s also offers the free loyalty program called Yes 2 You Rewards. For every $1 you spent, you can earn 1 point. Knowing this program, you can shop and earn more discounts no matter how you pay. You can use cash, check, debit, or any credit card. You will earn points on your purchases and get a $5 reward for every 100 points.

Moreover, you can shop your favorite brands such as Levi’s, Adidas, Izod, and Kitchen Aid since there are no brand exclusions. So, what are you waiting for? Enroll immediately!

How can you earn Yes 2 You Rewards Program?

After you have already enrolled in Kohl’s Yes 2 You reward program, I am going to tell you how to make the most of it. Remember that there are no brand exclusions on earning or redeeming points and rewards. Everything Kohl’s sells online and at their stores, you can either earn or redeem the points on it.

Can You Return the Items to Kohl’s?

Let’s talk about returns now. Returning something at Kohl’s is easy because you can return anything if you are not completely satisfied with it. And yes, for anything. If you have an original receipt, you will get a refund or even an exchange.

In case you have a gift receipt, you can get the exchange as well as the merchandise credit. However, if you do not keep the receipt, there is no problem with Kohl’s. There are so many ways for Kohl’s to look up your purchase and help you get the refund.

If you buy something online, you can bring it to any Kohl’s store, just bring it to the customer service desk and make sure you have the order invoice with you. For in-store returns, Kohl’s may ask for a valid ID, so have it handy just in case.

You can also ship it back if you like to. You can choose any options whatever works the easiest for you.


For the last word, I am really happy to share with you all of my knowledge about shopping at Kohl’s. You can get all of the greatest savings by making full use of the coupons, the vouchers, along with the discount codes. In addition, you understand the amazing benefits of some Kohl’s programs such as Kohl’s Charge Card, Kohl’s Cash, Kohl’s Pay, together with Yes 2 You Rewards Program. Whenever you are dissatisfied with Kohl’s products, you can return to the stores with your receipt without any difficulties. In case you have any queries or confusion about this topic, please feel free to keep in touch with me anytime.

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