How to Sign-Up an Account and Buy Amazing Stuff From eBay

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EBay is one of the largest shopping sites available, which offers a large variety of choices for most of your needs, and sometimes, a lot of coupons and promo codes. It requires you to open an account to sell and buy things from the website. It’s not so difficult, actually. Some of us may think things like account or purchasing policies are troublesome, but in a long-term, it may help you greatly. Look at the guide below and find out how to sign-up for an account and start shopping with eBay.

How to open an eBay account

Registering to an eBay account means you can have the access to My eBay, a helpful feature that keeps track of all of your activities on the site. You can have products you are considering to a watch list so as not to lose them in the sea of choices. Or you can follow your favorite sellers to see what they are going to put on sale later.

Signing-up with simple steps


By following the steps below, you will have an account in a blink’s time.

  • Go to the registration page
  • Provide your name and email address
  • Create a password
  • Re-enter your password for confirmation
  • Click on “Register”. By selecting this, you have agreed to the terms of User Privacy Notice an User Agreement. So, make sure to read the information thoroughly before starting a new account.
  • Check your mailbox for a welcome email sent by the eBay team. It includes some tips to get started.
  • To create an online business with eBay, you have to select the Business account option on the registration page. With that, you will need to provide some extra information such as your business’s name, type of products you are going to sell, and your address. If your inventory is outside the US< some additional tax obligations may be required.
  • Later, eBay demands you to verify the account you have just signed up for. They will send you an email with further instructions included to help you with the task.

More than one eBay account, is it possible?

Some people may recommend you to open another eBay account for business. It is possible, but not with only one email. You have to provide a different username and email address. But, you could still be suspended if you use multiple accounts to bid on the same product or bid on a product your other account is selling. Keep in mind that once one of your accounts is in the blacklist, the others are affected, too.

How to Buy Things on eBay


Step 1: Go to the eBay website

Step 2: Register for an account on eBay. If you have had one already, sign in so you can start buying things.

Step 3: Once you have been signed in, search for the item you want to buy by entering the name in the search bar and press Enter. Be as specific as you want, so you can get the most suitable recommendations. For example, type “black long dress” instead of just “dress” so you won’t be drowned in the abundance of options.

Step 4: After a blink, you will see a list of items that match the description. Filter them as buy it now or auction.

Bidding in an online auction


Auction items are often shown with the highest bid up to the moment and the number of existing bids. Next to the image, you will see the amount of time left before the end of the auction.

Step 5: Prior to bidding, check the seller’s reliability by clicking on the “Seller information” under the user’s ID. Previous customers could have left their comments and ratings there.

Step 6: In order to place a bid, provide the maximum price you are willing to pay in the box, then click the Submit button. If the current bid is £20, and the amount you have entered is £30, the current bid will increase to £21, which means assuming that no one else has placed a bid higher than £20. The eBay system will automatically place the bid against other buyers until it reaches the maximum price you’d be happy to pay.

Step 7: Click on Confirm Bid when you are asked to.

Tips: Instead of bidding something like ‘£20′, try ‘£10.62′ in order to have the higher chance of winning the auction.

Refresh the page frequently to make sure you haven’t been outbid. If you are the one winning, then an email from the eBay team will be sent to your mailbox.

Buying at a fixed price in “Buy It Now”


If you are happy with the price provided by the seller, avoid the hassle of bidding by clicking on Buy It Now. One plus point is that by choosing the option, you often gain free shipping.

Step 5: Click on the Buy It Now option.

Step 6: Review your purchase in the new page appearing. Click Continue for paying.

How to pay for an eBay product

If it is the first time you buy something on eBay, you will be asked for payment details. eBay sellers prefer PayPal, in fact, some only accept payment through the service, so you’d better have a PayPal account. You can also pay by debit or credit card.

Log in to your payment option, and confirm the amount you are going to pay. The transaction will be complete right away, and you will receive the item via the chosen delivery method. If you don’t get the product you have bought, look for the customer services lines of eBay. The trustful service is one of the reason why people choose eBay to buy products from. They will deal with it for you.

Final thought

After reading the guide, I hope you have got some useful information for registering an eBay account and buying stuff via the shopping sites. A lot of amazing items from trustful sellers are waiting for you on the foundation, so don’t waste time hesitating. Go straight to eBay now to start buying or bargaining.

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