How to Create a New Amazon Account and Start Shopping


Amazon is a trustful address for you to turn to when you want to buy amazing stuff and receive excellent service. It requires us to have a verified account to get into the market. If you are not so familiar with setting up a new account and buying things online via the foundation, read the post carefully and gather the basic information before beginning. Enjoy the shopping experience with the critical tips.

How to Open a New Amazon Account


  1. Go to the Amazon website. Look for the option “Account and Lists” on the home page. Click on it.
  2. In the new pop-up window, you will see the “Sign In” option. Under this is a question asking if you are a new buyer. Choose “Start here”.
  3. Fill out the registration form provided for you to make a new account. Don’t miss your name, email address, and password. They are compulsory.
  4. Add your home’s address or anywhere you want the bought products shipped to. Amazon allows its users to have more than one address, so you can enter multiple if you want. Click on “Your Account”, then go to “Address Book” at the top of the appearing menu.
  5. Click on “Add New Address” in “Settings”. If you want to ship the product to anyone other then yourself, you can add different names and addresses. For example, if you want to ship a present to your friend in another state, you can enter her name and address. Remember to save the information when you have finished.
  6. Add your payment detail. Credit cards, debit cards, gift cards, and checking accounts can be used to pay for what you buy. Click on “Your Account”, then go to “Manage Payment Options”, choose “Add a payment method”. Select the method you want to use, then provide for payment information. Confirm the information you have just entered.

How to Shop on Amazon

With the Search Bar

Look for the product you want to buy using the search bar. Use a specific search term to narrow down the range of option. For example, if you want to buy a DSRL camera of the brand Canon, type “Canon DSRL camera” instead of just “Camera”

Press enter. The search engine will make a list of products related to your term. They may come in all categories. Scroll down and find out what is the most suitable for you. If you don’t see anything promising, try another keyword.

Use the Category List


If you just want to wander around instead of looking for a certain product, you should skip the search bar and use the list of categories. Look for the arrow right next to the search bar, click on the see the departments.

The method will give you a larger choice range. However, you have the chance to window shop and have a wider look.

For example, if you are about to do some handcraft, just not sure where to start, click on “Arts, Crafts, & Sewing” and choose some stuff you may need.

Choose an Item

If something has caught your eyes, it’s time to go through the procedure. Prior to making the decision, you should read the description, details, and reviews for previous buyers. Some buyers even leave real pictures of the product for you to consider.

On Amazon, you can choose between new or used products. Although Amazon offers you available products in its inventory, other sellers may sell the same things, just second-hand. You may find the “Used & New” link under the product description, where you can see more options. Just don’t forget the shipping fee. Amazon gives you free postage if the value of your bill is over $35, but the policy isn’t applied for used products. If you are living so far away, you should think twice.


Choose “Add to Cart”.  By doing this, you will be moved to a page showing the product is in your cart. If you want to buy more than one of the item you have chosen, reset the quantity on the same page. If you are not sure about the decision yet, you can leave it in your cart in a period. However, Amazon may remove it or change the price if there is any change from the seller.

Complete the purchase


Once you decide to open your wallet, click on the cart icon and review your order again. Amazon has an amazing feature that lets you set items as gifts. That means, when the products are sent to recipients, the prices will be hidden. You are able to add a message and add a little beautiful gift wrapping.

Then, click on “Proceed to Checkout” to finish. In this step, remember to provide the correct payment method and the address that you want this order to be sent to.

If you have any promo codes or coupons, type them in the “Promotional Codes” box before completing the order. After everything is done, choose “Place your order”. Amazon will give you the confirmation details and each product’s potential arrival date.

The second thought appears? Don’t worry, you have 3 minutes to cancel the order without any consequence. Amazon team will also send you an email about the shopping confirmation. Any updated information about your order can be found in your mailbox later, too.

Final thought

There are a good bunch of shopping sites on the internet, but somehow Amazon has proved its outstanding attraction through years. There are many factors involving the situation, but I think the amazing features and reliable services are critical ones.

I hope the post has given you all the information you want about the signing up for a new Amazon account and shopping on the site. In general, I think it’s pretty easy, given that the team has built a fully and efficiently functional web. If you cope with any problems while purchasing on Amazon, contact the admins right away to be guided and helped.

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