Fitbit Alta Fitness Tracker – Another Great Device in Your Workout Sessions

You probably review the Fitbit Charge and the HR, but you still want to find out other products of the Fitbit brand. Then, you could see the Fitbit Alta Fitness Tracker. This is the latest device in the smart fitness tracker.

In this early year, Fitbit released Fitbit Alta Fitness Tracker to help users get more experience while practicing their workout session.

This product provides many interchangeable bands in different finishes along with the similar application experience. Let’s read an in-depth review and make your final determination.

I think you know the Fitbit brand, as well as what a smart tracker, is, so I do not mention these parts and go more details of Fitbit Alta.

Some basic specifications of the Fitbit Alta

  • Product dimensions: 9.4 x 0.6 x 0.4 (inches)
  • Item weight: 1.12 ounces
  • Display: OLED
  • Battery life: lasts up to 5 days
  • Charge time: from 1 to 2 hours
  • Radio transceiver: Bluetooth 4.0

Design and construction

Honestly, the general model of the Fitbit Alta has not changed. This is still a smart fitness tracker with a wristband. The band can cover around your wrist with a rubber thong which could not be clipped due to a strong mechanism.

The equipment has 2 main parts with an OLED console. It is not the first Fitbit tracker to have a sporty screen, but it is truly more beautiful and easier to read the figures than the Fitbit Charge HR.

The portable band gets more customizable to the unit. Though old Fitbit products have been accessible in many hues, the capability to turn out the thongs will help you change your band with some nice looks.

The Fitbit Alta is one of the biggest competitors of the Jawbone UP2, but the product still has some unique points to shine on the market.

For me, the Fitbit Alta is one of the most comfortable fitness trackers I have ever used. The product is lightweight enough to make me feel comfortable and I do not get any irritation on my sensitive skin.

The strap is also soft enough to fit perfectly around my wrist. Fitbit Alta is becoming my jewelry when I come outside home.


Fitbit Charge 3 Fitness Activity Tracker, Rose Gold/Blue Grey, One Size (S and L Bands Included)
  • Better measure calorie burn, understand resting heart rate & more with 24/7 heart rate tracking and a battery life of up to 7 days (varies with use and other factors). Charge time (0 100 percent): 2 hours. The operating temperature is 10 to 45 degrees Celsius
  • Choose from 15 plus exercise modes like run, bike, swim, yoga, circuit training and more, set goals, and get real time stats during your workouts to see how you can keep getting better; with aerospace grade aluminum, a smooth flush case and corning gorilla glass 3, charge 3 is comfortable and durable
  • Automatically record time spent in light, deep and REM sleep stages and see activity trends, health insights and personalized guidance in one place with Fitbit today; Fitbit products are compatible with most devices that have the following operating systems: apple iOS 11 and higher, Android OS 7.0 and higher, or windows 10 v1607 or higher
  • Swim proof and water resistant to 50 meters, so you can track swims and wear in the shower (we do not recommend wearing charge 3 in a hot tub or sauna). Also, connect to Smartphone GPS in real time, pace and distance during outdoor runs and rides. Radio transceiver: Bluetooth 4.0
  • Stay connected to your day with everyday apps for weather and more and get called, text and smartphone app notifications on your wrist. Small band: fits wrists 140 millimeter to 180 millimeter in circumference, large band: fits wrists 180 millimeter to 220 millimeter in circumference


The Fitbit Alta is the Fitbit’s Smart Track which you can use it while you are walking, running, biking, elliptical exercise, aerobic exercises, and even Zumba dance. Well, when you are deciding to practice some workout programs, bring the Fitbit Alta and wear in your wrist!

Sleep monitor

The Fitbit Alta enables to control your basic sleep quality as well as duration. It is hard to believe it, but prior users agree on this point and they love it when they lack sleepiness.

You can try to wear the device at night to check when you take up and when you are restless during your sleep.

If you want to get more awareness your sleep quality, the Fitbit Alta HR or the Charge 2 will show you. These have many levels of Deep, Light, and REM sleep whenever you go to bed at night.

Reminders to Move

The Reminders to Move inspires you to keep your daytime to count more than 250 an hour. This is because you will forget time and stay focused on your main tasks only.

And doing exercises is a fancy task! The Fitbit Alta will remind you how many steps you need to undertake and the time to do that! Keep a few minutes away from your desk will make your body stronger and healthier.

Notifications, alarms, and alerts

The console will display Caller ID, text notifications, and Calendar alerts as well through your smartphone.

Additionally, there are real bonuses when you can see who is calling you (they are in your contact list) without catching your phone. And you enable to see the beginning of text messages by raising your wrist only.

The Fitbit Alta also works as a watch with an option of clock faces. So, you might set silent alarms which will wake you up.

Water resistance and sweat proof

The Fitbit Alta has water resistance and sweat proof, but you should not put the product into a shower or a bath. All inside elements will fall apart if the product soaks up water in several hours. For those who choose swimming is their main activity like a swimmer, you should select the Fitbit Flex 2, Versa or Ionic.

Battery life

The Fitbit Alta could keep running about 5 days depending on how many times you use the product during a day. The Fitbit Alta HR can hold up to 7 days.

Things I like when using the Fitbit Alta

  • Versatile application
  • Automatic features like alarms, notifications, etc.
  • Long-lasting used battery
  • Reasonable price tag
  • Diverse band options
  • Ease of setup
  • Water resistance and sweat proof included

Things I do not like

  • Lack of heart rate monitor
  • Not smooth screen
  • Noise charger

The reasons you should purchase the Fitbit Alta

The Fitbit Alta is a decent fitness tracker for every user; especially with novices. It is so easy to set up, use, and maintain.

The construction looks good and solid enough with useful resistance. This is a great foundation for using a smart fitness that you should not miss out.

When you think that you need to use other features because of the real usage, you can go with other devices such as the Microsoft Band 2, the Basis Peak, and so on. Please keep in mind the Fitbit Alta is not a smartwatch, so do not expect similar features like that.

Wrap my review up…

In general, the Fitbit Alta is a small device when compared to other heavy gadgets like the Fitbit Surge. This is because the Fitbit Alta does not have a heart rate monitor while others have.

It is a standard smart fitness with all the necessary stats in a comfortable way, lightweight, and amazing package as well. If you are not an athlete or you do not need to boost your workout, then you should use the Fitbit Alta to save more money. It is a smart investment!


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