Identify the Online Buyer Protection when Purchasing Items in eBay

Buying an item in eBay is also incredible in the digital world these days, but it is not a fun game to play when you get a damaged product. Therefore, you should know return and refund policies in eBay before purchasing.

Recognize conditions of returned items policy

If an online buyer wants to return a product, the item should be returned in the first condition or the same in which he or she received such as a full package, price tag, etc.

In case the returned product is missing any part of it is faulty during return shipping (when the item was not packaged carefully), the seller may reduce the amount of loss and provide the buyer a partial refund only.

Identify the money guarantee back policy

The money guarantee back policy for buyers to help them if the product is damaged, faulty or it did not arrive. Sometimes, the item does not match in the listing can be applied this policy. How to claim this?

  • Step 1: if your product has not arrived or it did not match; you should access to My eBay (your account in the eBay system) and find the right item in your purchase history. Then, you choose the exact section for your item condition within 30 days of shipping.
  • Step 2: in case you have to wait for over 3 business days, you should contact the Customer Service Center
  • Step 3: the Customer Service Department will response for you in 48 days.

How to begin a return

In general, you should wait between 3 and 5 business days to get a refund or a return to your PayPal account. If you use your credit card, it will take around 30 days relying on your card provider.

To start a return, you should do 4 simple steps.

  • Step 1: you should detect the product in your purchase history and choose to Return that product.
  • Step 2: you pick your reason for the return.
  • Step 3: in case the product is faulty, broken or damaged, you can attach some pictures (up to 10) to prove.
  • Step 4: you send your request.

When you have started a return, you enable to check the status of your request through your account on eBay. You should wait for 3 business days to get the response of the seller from the time you opened your request.

If you still do not receive any response from sellers, you will need to contact the Resolution Center of eBay. Do not forget to choose to Take action and Ask eBay to step in. The Customer Service Center will solve your issue within 48 hours.

If the seller accepts your request, you will receive an email with the subject Send the item back. In this case, you should respond within 5 business days with tracked shipping. If the product is over $750, you will need to enclose a signature confirmation.

Please pay attention that you should repack the item carefully before sending back. This is because the condition you send back to them is important.

How to cancel a return

It is also easy to cancel a return request. Here are 3 steps to hit.

  • Step 1: you need to access your Purchase history and also find the product.
  • Step 2: you choose to See request details in the More actions drop-down menu.
  • Step 3: you click on Close your request and then select your reason from the drop-down menu.

Improper use of returns in eBay

eBay offers the money guarantee back policy to encourage buyers to continue to purchase items on it. However, some bad guys would like to use this in a wrong way.

For example, they order a T-shirt and keep the tag of the item while wearing it for 30 days. After that, they claim a return.

When the Customer Service Center find out this, the buyer can purchase limited products on eBay system or their account could be prohibited forever.

This is the reason you should put your reason about a return request. If eBay considers your reason is inaccurate, they will disapprove your request.

Additionally, please bear in mind that you should not request excessive items in each claim. Be sure to make an original condition of the item before making a return or refund.

Return clothes without having the original package

What should you do when you want to return your T-shirt or your shoes when these are smaller than you may think (and you have purchased)? You enable to receive the return, but the seller can deduct some parts of the refund to fill up the loss of value.

When you want to purchase electronics products on eBay

There is no denying that consumer electronics products are commonplace on the online shopping system like eBay. Nevertheless, you should know how to purchase these items wisely to avoid big excuse in the upcoming time. Here are how…

Know your idea about purchasing the item you are going to buy

Although eBay also gives some useful information about products that are selling on the system, it is not a good way to have a solid understanding of your future electronics item. Instead, find out other reliable sources from other websites. Concentrate on tips or helpful information! By doing this, you will get a clear idea of what you need to.

Keep your eyes on the price tag

The price of a product is often an important story for all buyers whether they do it on the Internet or a traditional habit. Go around on the Internet to know the cost and turn off your computer to look around some local shops. Then, you should make a small survey yourself in advance.

Narrow your lists of some brands

Apart from seeing the price tag, do not miss out on the prior buyer’s feedback. This will help you get more true clues about the product you will choose. You should also draw attention to the fake feedback that sellers probably do it themselves.

Pay attention to the return and delivery policy

Delivery and returns could make you get mad when you receive a scam product or a damaged one. Thus, always remember their policies to save your time!

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