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Are you crazy about Best Buy?

Or have you known all of the benefits from the Best Buy coupons?

You have the question and we have the answer for you. Best Buy is one of the best retailers in the current market, and many people are believing in Best Buy. It can provide the customers with great service in both online purchase and in-store purchase. When buying the items at Best Buy stores, you can have the instructions from the staff. Whereas, you will have the fast delivery when buying things online. Moreover, Best Buy offers the excellent store pickup that can maximize your satisfaction. Furthermore, you can always check the status of your order as well as create the special credit card of Best Buy. Thanks to these amazing factors, Best Buy deserves to grab the attention of any customers right now. Let’s check out all of these things at once!

How Successful Is Best Buy?

The success of Best Buy is based on creating the customer experience. Best Buy will not only provide the products but also meet the need of their daily life and achieve the full happiness. They gradually change the online profile as well as the in-store experience, making the customers happier.

Moreover, the staff of Best Buy is very excellent at solving the problems together with testing the driving features. You can order a lot of things on Amazon, but you cannot touch and play with them before your purchase. Furthermore, you cannot ask anyone at the store how your favorite item works.


Well, of course, at Best Buy, you can do that. You can ask them if they get a lot of returns on this item. Or does this solve a problem for people on a regular basis? Regarding the comments of many people who are going to Best Buy, the staff at this place is very good at telling you all of these matters.

For instance, you are considering buying either this Samsung Blu-ray player or that LG Blu-ray player, they will give you a detailed answer. Perhaps, they will tell you this Samsung seems to play fewer of your things or you have to upgrade the firmware on this Blu-ray player a lot.

Besides, the staff will walk you through some of the features of each of the items that you are considering. By doing this, you can get a number of values since you will not worry about buying the wrong things.

Also, Best Buy provides you with great returning service. In case you do not satisfy with your purchased items, you can return them to Best Buy and explain to them. If your case is right, you can actually return it without being charged the restocking fee of 15 percent.

Do You Know the Store Pickup of Best Buy?

Many people love shopping online as they like the excitement of waiting for whatever it is to arrive. However, they are very willing to get their items as soon as possible. And well, Best Buy is offering you a very special service called store pickup, which can actually satisfy anyone who just cannot wait.

The store pickup of Best Buy is a great option for the online orders as well as the orders placed in a store where they might be out of stock online. But you need to notice some important points. Firstly, when you are at the checkout phase of your online order, you need to click on Store Pickup and find your store.


You will see an estimated pickup date. If that looks good for you, you can place your order instantly. For every Best Buy order, you will receive an order confirmation email. As a result, when you make the store pickup order, you will also receive an email for being ready to pick up.

So, do not hesitate any more, grab your keys and head to Best Buy right now!

How to Get the Best Buy Store Pickup

Well actually, you need to have your government-issued photo ID, your credit card, your order number and then head to Best Buy. Remember that you need to use the same credit card that you used for your online purchase.

The next step is what happens when you get to the store. Many stores have the special parking right up front for store pickup customers. That is for you! Then, you need to look for the badge of the store pickup when you get inside or ask an employee to point you in the right direction.

Do not forget if you order a mobile phone or a mobile broadband device, you will pick up your order in the Best Buy Mobile Department. When it is your turn at the counter, you need to present your credentials and take your cool new products. You will not need to pay the convenience charge as well as the shipping charges. Moreover, it is pretty quick and easy.

Moreover, the store pickup of Best Buy has other good things that you have to know. In particular, you can designate someone else to pick up your orders for you. However, you have to provide their information when you place the order.

Furthermore, the large items like major home appliances may be available for pickup at one of the Best Buy housewares. You will see that option if it is available when you check out online. On the other hand, some items may not be available for the same-day pickup at your local stores. But they can be shipped to that store for free and will be available usually in 3 or 7 days.


For more information for this service, you can scroll down at the bottom of the Best Buy homepage. And of course, you can always come into the store and talk to one of the staff in person.


How to Save Money at Best Buy with Coupons and Discount Codes

There are many ways that you can save your money Best Buy, but one of the easiest and the most effective is using the coupons and the discount codes. As a result, make sure that you always check the weekly ads. You can find them online on Best Buy website.


There are typically hundreds of items on sale each week. Best Buy also offers the deal of the day. By signing up on Best Buy website, you can receive these deals by email or find it on their website. You can save more than 50% on cameras, wireless, speakers, and other popular electronics and accessories.

Bundled offers are another common Best Buy promotion, such as the video game system bundled with the popular games. Or you can have the laptop bundled with a case insecurity software. Hence, you can check for Best Buy coupons in the coupon code section at

You may also want to download the Coupons mobile app in case there are any offers you can redeem in-store right from your mobile device. Moreover, make sure to sign up for My Best Buy Rewards program to get the free shipping on all your purchases of $35 or more.

Do you know any hidden saving secret when buying at Best Buy?

I have one for you. Go to the Deals tab at Best Buy website, and click on Best Buy outlet. You can find the deals on the clearance, the open box, the refurbished, as well as the pre-owned merchandise. You can also visit the Best Buy trade-in center to get the Best Buy gift card in exchange for your gently used video games, laptops, cell phones, and other devices.


That is how you can save money at Best Buy with coupons and codes. However, if you want to have more details on this topic, you can read more about how to use the coupons and other reward programs of Best Buy.

How to Check the Status of Your Order

Whenever you buy something online, the first thing you need to do after clicking on Order confirmation is trying to check the status of the order. And Best Buy knows your need, and they make it very easy to check the order status.

When you place an order on Best Buy website or in-store, you need to know some essential elements. First of all, when placing any orders, you need to save the order number. This simplifies everything. And the little tip for you is that Best Buy orders always start with the BBY01.

For the in-store orders, they usually start with the number 11. Next, go to Best Buy website, and click on Orders at the very top of the homepage. To check the order history, you will need to sign in to your online account. You can sign in or create a new account. If you do not already have one, you can click on Sign in right next to the shopping cart icon.


Once you enter the order number, your last name and your phone number, just click on the Check order status button. Now, you will see where your product is in the pipeline. It might say processing or expect it to ship along with the date. Or you might see shipped along with the date, the expected-to-arrival date, and a tracking number.

The tracking number also works as a link you can follow to the shipping company website for more detailed information about your product’s progress to your door. You may also see a mail solution interface which feels a little different from the UPS or FedExpages you are used to.

Do not panic since it is a cool way that shipping companies integrate with the US Postal Service to ensure the fast delivery times and save money. You can see more details when scrolling down on Best Buy homepage and choose from the Order support.

How Is the Shipping from Best Buy?

When it comes to the shipping of Best Buy, it is usually very cheap or free for the orders of $35. Moreover, they usually tell you that it takes about 1 or 2 weeks for the shipping. But so far, it will only take the maximum of 3 days in most cases.

By doing this, you can save up some money on gas and you will definitely have the warranty from Best Buy. So, you can always return it to Best Buy if something goes wrong with it. So convenient!

Do You Know About My Best Buy Credit Card?


For those people who do not know, the My Best Buy credit card can only be used in Best Buy and the affiliated stores. There is also a Mastercard version of this card that has the similar rewards, but that can be used anywhere Mastercard is accepted.

This is especially problematic if it is your first and only credit card. However, you cannot use it in any other places apart from Best Buy. Conversely, you can receive a number of outstanding benefits when registering this My Best Buy credit card.

My Best Buy credit card gives you up to 6 percent back in rewards on all Best Buy purchases. This card offers 2.5 points per $1 spent which equates to 5 percent back in rewards on qualifying the purchases at Best Buy stores or Best Buy website.

There are some financing options available with this card depending on the size of the purchase. There is a 6-month financing option on all store purchases totaling $149 or more. Moreover, there is a 12-month financing on all storewide purchases totaling $399 or more.

These financing periods carry 0% interest but unlike many introductory 0% interest offers of the credit card. This requires the balance for those items is paid off by the end of the period. If not, interest will be charged all the way back to the date of the purchase.

For every 250 My Best Buy points earned, you will be eligible to receive $5 gift certificate which expires after 60 days. The card also provides free shipping on orders over $35. You will also receive 1.5 bonus points for every dollar spent on qualifying purchases at participating properties.

If you use My Best Buy card a lot, you may qualify for their relief or elite Plus program. These offer better shipping deals, reward bonuses, and longer window to return the items. This card does not have an annual fee unless you have a reason to shop at Best Buy a lot. A regular cash back reward card may be a better choice for you.

How to Apply for My Best Buy Credit Card

The first step is going to Best Buy home page and click on Credit Cards at the top of the page. Then, choose the Apply now button and the new page will appear. At this stage, you can choose to enter your account if you actually have one or click on Getting Started if you do not have a Best Buy account.

After clicking on Getting Started, you can enter your personal information as below:

  • Your email address
  • Your Best Buy Member ID
  • Your first name and last name
  • Your home address and your zip code
  • Your home phone number
  • Your financial information (your annual income, your residence status, your monthly mortgage or your rent payment, your time at residence)
  • Your date of birth
  • Your social security number
  • Your driver license or your photo ID number
  • Your photo ID expiration date

After filling in all of the information, you need to confirm the terms at the very end and click on Continue. And basically, you will be approved or disapproved of this card instantly. If you are approved, you will have to create a profile with Best Buy, and then, you can start reaping those great rewards. That is great!


In summary, Best Buy is truly a fantastic shopping retailer in terms of easy money saving, incredible customer services, as well as the comfortable shopping place. After going through my article, you will actually know that Best Buy is offering a number of ways to save your money. By making full use of the coupons, discount codes, together with the reward programs, you can have the best deals on Best Buy. Also, you can choose either the fast delivery or the store pickup based on your needs. Everything is easy and simple. In addition, the existence of My Best Buy credit card is one of the plus points for this retailer. However, in case you have any other questions, please feel free to keep in touch with me anytime.

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