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You should not hesitate to go through this article since we are going to give you all of the information about the Amazon coupons at this moment on this online marketplace. By going through this article, you can explore the best coupons as well as the hottest discounts for your online shopping.

What Is Amazon and How to Use It?

Very few companies have made as much a mark on the digital world as Amazon. It is the online retailer that was established by Jeff Bezos in 1994. When the Internet is a very different place, their online presence has expanded into cloud computing, film streaming, E-readers, and other unique things.

How annoying is it when you drive all the way to the store only to discover they do not have the particular item that you are looking for?

How many different stores are you willing to drive to in search of the best price for the item you want?

All of these problems can be avoided by shopping on You can compare the prices from different sellers and have your items delivered straight to your door. The users can buy the items from Amazon directly or from the third parties via Amazon.


Amazon orders are delivered using common courier services worldwide. Amazon also sells its own line of technology products. You perhaps used to hear about E-reader or Kindle. Thus, there are many benefits that Amazon can give you that you may not know.

Online shopping

Amazon and its third-party sellers offer a wide variety of items, so you have many chances to find what you are looking for. You can search for items you want to purchase, pick out the ones you like best and add them to your shopping cart.

Once you have added everything you want to buy, make sure to start the virtual checkout process. Enter all your shipping and billing information to let Amazon know where to send your order and how you want to pay for it. Once you placed your order, Amazon will send it to your door.


The second way to use Amazon is for selling. Amazon allows third parties to sell items using their website. If you are interested in selling a few items, Amazon can help you do it. You can sell anything from books to electronics to sports equipment. Based on how much you sold, Amazon will make the deposits to your bank accounts.

Technology products

The third use of Amazon is their technology products. Amazon is now not only an online marketplace but also a manufacturer of cutting-edge digital devices and services. Amazon’s most well-known product is Kindle.


It is a specialized e-reader that you can use to read books, articles, magazines, or even your local newspapers. Next is the Fire tablets, which is similar to the iPad. It is designed for entertainment like playing games and watching movies. But you can also use it for emails, creating and sharing Microsoft Office documents as well as browsing the Internet.

Lastly, the Fire TV is a box that turns your television into a do-it-all entertainment center. You can use it to watch movies and TV shows using services like Netflix, HBO Go, and YouTube. You can also listen to music and play games.

Amazon is great because you can find tons of different items and compare the prices to find the best deals. You can have your order delivered straight to your door and track its location during the process. You can also add items to your Amazon wishlist to keep an eye on your must-have items.

What is The Promo Codes and The Discount Codes on Amazon?

The promo codes and the discount codes are two ways to get free and cheap stuff on Amazon. You can either click into your needed category or use the filter search in your favorite category. By this way, you can purchase the best stuff, but it does not that you have to pay the full price.

Therefore, if you are a new customer of Amazon, I highly recommend that you should look for these codes to buy your favorite items with the best price.

Get to Know the Amazon Coupons

Amazon tends to offers a number of outstanding coupons on their website every day. You can identify the best deals with the incredible discounts by clicking on the Today’s Deal tab on the homepage. Then, you can see the world of the latest deals for all kinds of stuff.

Therefore, you need to check Amazon website on a regular basis to have the best deals for yourself. On the other hand, you can click on how to get the coupons on Amazon as well as how to use them in the best way. This article also gives you an overview of the Amazon coupons these days.

Have you Ever Heard About Amazon Prime?

For those people who are confused about Amazon Prime, it is one of the most popular services on Amazon website. But is it worth your annual investment fee, or does it live up to all the hype? As a result, I am going to tell you all of the benefits of Amazon Prime so that you can determine if it is right for you.

First of all, you need to know about the price to become a member of Amazon Prime. In particular, you can always start out with a 30-day trial, and you can just experiment to see if it is right for you or not without paying anything.

It is very cool since Amazon lets you test-drive it and actually get the full experience. When you are in love with Amazon Prime, you can typically spend $99 per year for the membership fee. Otherwise, you can pay the monthly charge that is at $10.99 per month.

But the question is do the Amazon Prime actually make it worth the fee to join the program?

Free 2-day shipping

The first benefit of Amazon Prime is the free 2-day shipping. This is what most people know Amazon Prime for. You only need to pay the annual fee, and you can get the unlimited 2-day free shipping on the majority of items, especially those that are fulfilled by Amazon.

You may know that Amazon has the free shipping for orders of $25 or even $35. But you are not going to get the speed and you have to spend a certain amount. What is cool about Prime is that if you order just one thing for $7, you can still have the free 2-day shipping on that.

Additionally, there are currently 29-metro areas that actually qualify for Amazon Prime now. It means that you can actually get the same-day shipping or even 2-hour shipping depending on where you live.

Prime video and Prime music

The second value is included in your Prime membership. You will get a lot of movies, TV shows, documentaries, as well as the access to additional channels that you can just add on to Prime video. I have to say that Prime video itself is pretty valuable.

Prime is producing their own TV shows, which is similar to what Netflix is doing. Besides, what you can get with Prime is Prime music. And this gives you the access to millions of songs. Moreover, many people may fall in love with the Amazon Echo, which helps you download your favorite music to your own devices.

Amazon photo

Next, we are going to another feature that many people do not know, Amazon photo. Amazingly, you can get unlimited storage for Prime members. You can actually store unlimited photos on the cloud, so you can back up all the photos from your phone, from your computer, and just make sure that you do not lose anything.

In addition, as an Amazon Prime member, you can get 5 gigabytes of storage for anything on Amazon Cloud. As a consequence, you can store the video files, or your own digital music, or anything else that you would want to access to.

Amazon Prints

Moving to the Amazon Print, this is really amazing. If you want to print out your photos, Amazon gets some cool services for you plus the free shipping for the Amazon Prime members. Especially, the Prime members will receive some expedited shipping benefits, complimentary with your membership.

Kindle owners, Lending library, and Kindle First

Number five is the Kindle owners, Lending library, and Kindle First. As a Prime member, you are actually entitled to one free Kindle book per month if you actually have an Amazon device to read on. So, you need to have a Kindle or a Fire tablet or an Amazon phone.

If you are a big reader, you need to take advantage of the Kindle First. You can have the early access to some of the new-released books from the Kindle App on your phone.

Prime Early Access

The next one is Prime Early Access. In particular, you can know the Amazon Prime day, which Amazon talks about as the biggest shopping day of the year, even bigger than Black Friday or Cyber Monday. On this day, Amazon will put out a ton of discounts, deals, and coupons on a lot of products. So, you can experience some big savings.

What is great about being a Prime member is that you get 30 minutes early access to these deals ahead of other people. As a result, you can get to them as early as possible when compared with the non-Prime members.

There are still many Prime members so that I understand that there is still competition. But if you put the notifications on your phone and you plan ahead, you know what deals you are going to shop for, you can really recover the cost of your Prime membership.

Prime Pantry

And now, we go with the Prime Pantry. Some people may not use this feature very much. When you want to get some household items as well as the groceries delivered to your house at a much better price, you can use your privilege as the Prime member.

How to Get the Delivery from Amazon

The internal system of Amazon orders

I have to say that Amazon has an incredible internal process to control your order and organize the delivery properly. So, as soon as you place your order, it will get into their system. This smart system knows where all the products live regardless of the random assortment of the products on the shelves.

As a result, it is easy for the picker to go and pick all the products that are in your order. After that, they will gather all of the required products in the handy tote bags and place them on the shelves. These shelves are classified based on where the package is going and being delivered, together with what time it needs to be delivered.

Then, the courier will come and take it directly to the customers. More importantly, the customers can keep track of the order the whole way through the Prime now app. They can get the text alerts as soon as their order arrives.

How to order from Prime Now app


For those people who do not know how to process the order, you need to download the Prime now app immediately. Next, you need to choose your favorite things and add them to your cart. But remember that you need to be a Prime member to order from this app.

If you choose the 2-hour delivery, it will be free. On the other hand, the one-hour delivery will cost $7.99. However, if you live in the Contiguous U.S., the standard shipping can be estimated from 1 to 5 working days. For Alaska, Hawaii, and Peurto Rico, you should wait for your order between 1 and 7 days.

In-Home Delivery

You already know that Amazon is one of the easiest ways to get what you like. In particular, you can buy the gifts for people whose birthday you have forgotten. And of course, Amazon can perform this duty very excellently.

After everything is done, you can see the map to see where the order is right now. When your order comes, you will get the notification that your Amazon Prime order has been delivered. Let’s go grab it!

Are you worried about not being home to get the whole package from Amazon?

It is not a problem right now! Amazon is providing you with the new service that allows the delivery men to get into your house. You may think that it is silly and dangerous since a stranger is able to enter your house.

But Amazon has invented the new method which can monitor all of the deliveries in a smart way. The whole process is very easy for all the users. On your Amazon app, you only need to order the Key In-Home Kit from Amazon that is equipped with the security cloud camera and the smart lock. By doing this, you can watch the delivery live on your smartphone to avoid any accidents and damages.


In-car Delivery

Moreover, you can use this Amazon key for the other home services when you are not at home. Furthermore, you can even have the in-car delivery. With Amazon key in-car, you just need to have a compatible vehicle.


And then, you can have a new shirt that you have just ordered delivered directly inside your car at no extra cost. On top of that, it is much more than the delivery. With the Amazon key app, you can also grant access to the people that you trust.

For in-car delivery, you can simply download the Amazon key app and link it with your connected car system. No additional hardware or device is required. Thanks to the Amazon key, you can track your delivery with real-time notifications.

Besides, you can know when the delivery is on its way as well as when the package has been delivered to your car. Apart from Amazon, Walmart is another online warehouse applying this way of delivery. Thus, this is regarded as the plus point of these two warehouses when comparing with the others.


All in all, we hope that you can have the wonderful time after going around the hottest deals on Amazon right now. You should know how to get your delivery in the most convenient way as well as identify the easiest way to make your order on Amazon app. However, in case you have any queries or confusion, please feel free to keep in touch with me anytime.

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